How to Make a Fort Wayne Raccoon Trap

Fort Wayne raccoons are wild and dangerous animals that lurk between homes. They will most likely attack once they see you, so you need to always be careful. They are stray animals that get attracted to the smell of trash. Once they have chosen their home, they will stay and at times attack you if you are a threat. You will need to take these steps to successfully capture a raccoon.

Step 1: you need to take pre-cautions for yourself while doing the trap. Wear goggles and gloves at all times! They may come out while you are in the process of creating their trap, so be ready!

Step 2: Either buy one of those metal cages with the doors that close when you pull a rope or make one! Here is where your gloves and goggles come in handy as well. Keep in mind that you will need a lot of wood. First you cut the wood into 4 same size/ length rectangles. Then create the two squares that close the wooden box

Make sure you screw all the wood together so that it is completely stable. Lastly, you need to create a wooden measurement, which would close the door once the Fort Wayne raccoon adds more weight.

Step 3: Make the bait, since your cage is almost done, you need to supply the bait. Indiana raccoons are attracted by foods that are high in sugar and fat. This is why sugary food would be the perfect option to choose.

Step 4: Put the bait at the end of the cage. The best idea here is to put it at the other end of the measuring scale (opposing to the door). This will make the capture 100%, and the raccoon would be too busy with the sugary foods to notice.

Step 5: Know where the Fort Wayne raccoon usually hides. Knowing his hiding place will allow you to trap him even faster than you thought! This is done by leaving trails of sugary food from his hiding spot straight to the trap. The raccoon won't be able to resist once he has smelt the food!

Step 6: Capture your Indiana raccoon! This is the moment of truth, if all the steps have been done correctly, your raccoon should be inside of it right now! Once it is inside, approach the animal softly. The last thing you need is a wild scared raccoon. Then cover the cage with a cloth, hold it (your gloves will come in handy here), and try to keep a good distance from your hand and your body. It may attack out of fear. Lastly, take it to the animal shelter or a professional to consultant what should happen to the raccoon.

Step 7: This last step is to ensure that the Indiana raccoon does not return to your home. There are many ways to avoid them and you will need to take action or you might as well start repeating the steps from now. First make sure your trash is always cleaned out and the bags are closed well. Smelly trash is the main attraction for raccoons. Fix any broken windows or gates, this will help keep the raccoon out since there is no way to enter.

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