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Can Fort Wayne Snakes Enter Through Your Toilet?

Have you ever sat down and imagined that you could ever find an animal crawling out your plumbing or toilet! No is probably the first answer that comes to mind. How could a whole Fort Wayne snake crawl up your plumbing from the sewer. It seem almost unfathomable. This article is meant to open your mind up to the fact that some small reptiles can indeed crawl up your plumbing and come out via your toilet.

Although this can be on very rare occasions it is completely possible. There is often only 10 inches of water separating your toilet and the sewerage system. This just leave enough room for an Indiana snake to slither it's way in.

I know it still sounds unbelievable but there are plenty of reasons why a snake would be able to get into your toilet or sewerage system.lets take a look at them. When the sewerage system is being g installed in your home there are multiple number of pipes that go all round your home. This pipes are meant to capture and drain the water from around the different rooms in your home. From the dishwasher to the shower to the loo. All these pipes are interconnected band drain at one main source. The pipes that pass via the top of the house are prone to some small visitors. Every once in a while a rat may drop down the stacks and into the sewer. Some frogs may even fit through older and larger pipe systems. This does not rule out water snakes too. The animals are not being sinister when they fall into your John. It might be a big mistake that they just happened to get stuck in the s piping of your toilet and the only way out is via the loo.

So yes now you know that the Indiana snake in your plumbing are a real possibility albeit a very small one. You cannot expect the larger snakes to crawl through the small piping system and make it into your home. Modern piping is quite narrow and could only allow a very slim snake to make it through. This is why you need to have your pipes checked on the regular by professionals.

If you have found even small toads in your toilet or plumbing then one thing you can do is pick the entry ways. We cannot fully board off the pipes at the top of the house since they are the ones that release nasty gases from the water that is moving around in your house drainage system. Most of the time these pipes are dry and hence why the small animals will move to and fro in them.

Go to the hardware store and buy yourself some wire mesh and a piece of hardware store cloth. You can use one or the other really there is no need for two. Get some help getting on the roof or do it yourself if you can. Anhandman can be priceless at this point since all the work will be done on the roof.if you aren't such a big fan of heights then you will be glad to have this help.

Loop off enough mesh or cloth to cover the stacks at the top. These can be between one to four inches. Cut in excess for wire mesh in order to fold it over. You can seal the hardware cloth with duck tape if you feel like it might move of get carried down by a heavy rain. These are just preventive measures in case you fear having some Fort Wayne snakes come up your plumbing. You can do the same to the openings in other areas of your home.

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