Home Remedies to Keep Away Fort Wayne Squirrels and Get Rid of Them

Perhaps more popularly known for their fondness for nuts, Fort Wayne squirrels may appear cute and fluffy but they can easily become nuisances too. They can cause significant damages to your garden and can even become fire hazards as they may chew electric wirings and cables.

Dealing with Indiana squirrels may not be as easy. It is important to start by making sure that your home and yard do not attract these creatures. Squirrels may find your property attractive if they can find their food sources within the area. Keep your property squirrel-proof by:
• Keeping your yard clean. Remove any potential food sources such as fallen nuts and fruits. Trim vegetations and grasses which can serve as hideouts for squirrels.
• Securing your garbage cans.
• Investing in electric fences to ward squirrels from getting access to your property.
• Eliminating leftover pet foods. Make sure to clear away your pet's leftover food specially during the night.

Below are some of the smart home remedies which you can apply to get rid of the Fort Wayne squirrels from your property:

1. Plant Mint
Squirrels dislike the smell of mint. Placing potted mint plants around your property particularly at the entrance or exit points is an effective way to get rid of them.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar
Spraying apple cider vinegar is another effective way to deter Indiana squirrels as they hate the smell of apple cider vinegar.

3. Mothballs
The offensive smell of mothballs can be a major turn-off for Fort Wayne squirrels. Place mothballs at the entrance of your home and other spots where you see them often.

4. Ammonia
Squirrels may associate the smell of ammonia with the smell of their predators which is why it is considered a powerful remedy against the squirrels.

5. Garlic and Jalapeno Pepper Spray
The smell of garlic and Jalapeno Pepper is offensive for the squirrels. Make your own concoction and spray them around the areas of your property where squirrels may hide to get rid of them naturally.

6. Witch Hazel
Spraying witch hazel is an excellent way to get rid of the squirrels as the bitter taste of witch hazel will discourage them.

7. Cat Litter or Fox Urine
Scare the Indiana squirrels away using cat litter or fox urine which you can buy at nearby pet stores. Squirrels will get threatened by the smell and they will be forced to leave you and your property alone.

8. Use Motion Sensor Sprinklers
Protect your garden from the Fort Wayne squirrels by installing motion-activated sprinklers. The water is the best way to startle and scare the squirrels away.

9. Peanut Butter and Crushed Aspirin
Some people use aspirin to deter the squirrels. Since squirrels love peanut butter, it can be used as an effective bait. The idea is to mix the crushed aspirin with the peanut butter which can poison the squirrel once they ingest it.

10. Install Live Traps
Live traps are considered humane and effective way to get rid of the Indiana squirrels. You can set up the trap in areas where you frequently spot the squirrels and use baits such as seeds and nuts.

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